Most frequent questions and answers

The process is quite simple. After hiring an expert tutor from Myonlineclassgenius, all you have to do is give us the required details and the professionals will complete the work and submit it to you in due time. For online class, a tutor at Myonlineclassgenius will log into your class website and take the class on your behalf. Our tutors strictly abide by all the instructions and ensure that the work is plagiarism-free. And voila! You get your work done with a guarantee of ace result.

We remain cognizant of the expenses that a college student has to entail, thus we keep our prices budget-friendly that is not too heavy on the pocket!

We keep our services economical so that every student gets a fair chance to avail our trouble-free service. With the increasing inflammation rate, we understand that paying tuition fee alongside managing other expenses could be a lot of burden, which is why we offer affordable packages that are cognizant on the type of course and degree of difficulty.

Not a chance! Myonlineclassgenius uses a completely secure process where there is no chance of getting caught. Your approach and our conversation with you remains confidential, thus you need not to worry about it. Additionally, our tutors can also use VPN if location is one of your concerns.

If you have taken any exam or have submitted any assignment before signing up with us, you do not need to worry about being caught due to this. Tutors at Myonlineclassgenius will diligently review the work you’ve done and make sure to match it with the one that they’d be doing on your behalf. Hence, we leave no chance for any worrisome problem.

More than often we are already equipped with the necessary material because of having done a colossal amount of assignments and classes over the past years. But if incase, we need a book that is specific to your course, we would ask for it only to better the quality of your work.

Most of our tutors are PHD professors, while others are graduates of top-notch colleges and are professional writers, researchers, editors and professors. They are more than willing to assist students in homework, assignments, quizzes, tests, research papers, and even in dissertations, as they strongly believe that every student deserves a fair chance in excelling their course(s).

Of course! Even if you have something due with 2-3 hours, our tutors are ready to assist you. The team at Myonlineclassgenius is specially trained to meet urgent deadlines so you do not have to suffer and lose your grade because of a few missed assignments or exams. Our sales team and tutors are available all the time to ease your worries. Do you have only an hour to submit your work? Speak to our team member right now and let’s get going!